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SAF Chair/Director: Palikea Ane –

SAF Chair Kokua: Juni Kalahikiola Lovel –

Sponsorship/Chair Kokua: Mona `Ulaleo Foster –

Raffle and Donations Coordinator:

Entertainment Coordinator: Lahapa Doroen –

Food/Merchandise Coordinator: Leslie Leong –

Marketing Coordinators: Anela Freeman and Tracy Mahela Ames –

Resources Coordinator: Sarah Kaulalena Fonseca –

VIP Area Coordinators: Lakai Ancheta and Mauna`ala Ancheta –

Volunteer Coordinator: Ki`ihua Reyes –

Logistics Coordinator: Matt Lovel and Kem Reyes –

Cultural Village Coordinator: Lanihuli Wong/Leila Horibata –



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